Artist Statement

My clay works are an exploration of daily emotions and introspection, creating tangible objects that reflect intangible feelings. I believe that the importance of art is to communicate with others and myself, and to find a way to express and understand emotions through visual language. By incorporating memories and experiences, my work reveals my interests, discomforts, and emotional responses. This process of self-exploration is not only a discharge and release of emotions, but also a means of understanding my place in the world.

I focus on various emotions and expressions, using the language of art to communicate their complexity. These emotions can come from physical and psychological issues, or from external events. The resulting objects are abstract structures that capture unstable emotions, created through repetitive organisms and a unique texture that emerges through multiple firing processes. The surfaces are emphasized by the use of glazes and slips, creating unexpected textures and visual effects.

Clay has always been a medium of setting down a period in human history. From prehistoric times to the present, clay objects not only reflect the cultural qualities of the time, but also the individual artist's bodily traces. My work utilizes the unique characteristics of clay to express my emotions and experiences in tangible form. By doing so, I hope to communicate with others and create a shared understanding of what it means to be human in our complex and ever-changing world.     

Overall, my art is a reflection of my journey of self-discovery and introspection. By using the medium of clay, I seek to capture emotions and experiences that are difficult to express in words, and to create a shared understanding of the human experience through art.