Huey Hyuk Lee

Phone: 706 201 2642



SNS: @Potter._lee / @Hueraft_



2023     Master of fine arts at the grad school of University of Georgia.      Athens, GA

            Studio Art-Ceramic Art.

            Rachel Sharp Decosimo Art Scholarship (2022)

            Dorothy H. McRae Ceramic Arts Scholarship (2020, 2021, 2022)

2017 Studied at the graduate school of Hong-ik University. Seoul, Korea

            The honor of having scholarship to an outstanding student (2017)

2015  Bachelor of fine arts at the undergrad school of Kyung Hee Univ.   Yong-in, Korea

            Ceramic art

            The honor of having scholarship with the 2nd highest GPA (2015)

            Friendship scholarship (2011/2012/2013/2014)

            International training program scholarship to Jingdezhen Ceramics university, Jingdezhen, China (2011)

            National scholarships (2012/2013/2014/2015)     

            Special purpose scholarships for an exhibition (2013)

2011 Korea Ceramic Art High school                                           Icheon, Korea


Mar.2016~Feb. 2018 Inchin Lee studio   Apprentice under artist Prof. Inchin Lee in Korea                                                                                        

·       Firing Ana Gama (Japanese Traditional Wood Kiln)

·       Assistant


Dec. 2010~Mar. 2012 Gon DoYe  Apprentice under contemporary ceramist Tae-Gone, Kim in Korea

            Studying ceramic sculpture 


Sept. 2009~Aug. 2010 /Jun. 2009~Aug. 2009

Byucksan DoYe studio Apprentice under Korea traditional Porcelain artisan the late Gil-Bae Kim in Korea                                                                    

            Studying wheel-throwing

            Studying Traditional Tea bowl and Porcelain with Raw and natural materials.

            Studying Korean traditional wood Kiln


Work & Teaching experience

Oct. 2021 Demo Assistant for the visiting Artist, George McCauley.

Aug. 2021~ Intro Ceramic Class Instructor at University of Georgia

May. 2021~July. 2021 Students Assistant at University of Georgia

Aug. 2020~ May. 2021 Studio Technician at University of Georgia

Feb. 2017~Feb. 2018 Kiln technician at Hong-ik university Graduate program in Ceramics

Mar. 2017~Sept. 2018 Instructor at Hong-ik University Girls Middle School

Apr. 2017~Jun. 2017 GICB 2017 International Ceramics Workshops staff             Icheon, Korea

            Assist international Artists

            Install artworks

Mar. 2012~May. 2015 Senior Wheel-throwing technician YEOWOOJAGI pottery studio, Yong-In, Korea

Mar. 2012~Jun. 2012 Senior Instructor & Korean traditional wood Kiln technician ClayHouse  Gwacheon, Korea


Article, Interview & Magazine Feature

2023 Observica 23rd Issue Special Edition

July. 2021 Article- Jerry Cullum's feature of the Invitational

Mar. 2011 Interview- The student who was highly rated to overcome hardship   The Chosun Ilbo, Korea

Aug. 2010 EBS live solo Interview show Broadcast for Education                Education Broadcasting System, Seoul, Korea

Jul. 2010 Interview -Seeking own my ‘WAY’ to ask the teens                                    The Chosun Ilbo, Korea

Artist Feature

2023 Artist Feature, Signature Gallery (Atlanta, GA)

Artist Talk

2022 Suit Gallery (Athens, GA)


2023 Talent Prize  Award, 8th Abstract Art Competition, CA

2021 KC Clay Guild Teabowl Purchase Award, MO

2021 1st place Juried exhibition at Shoreline Arts Festival, WA

2015/2016 Special prize-Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival Traditional Wheeling contest

2015 Win a prize –Seoul National Contemporary Ceramic Arts (2015)

2015 Win a prize –Seoul National Contemporary Ceramic Arts (2015)

2012 Special prize-The Hoeryong Great Fine Arts Exhibition (2012)

2012 Win a prize- Ceramic in story Icheon (2012)

2010/2011 Win a prize- International Tea ware Competition (2011/2010)

2010 1st prize –Icheon Ceramic Arts Festival Clay an Olympic contest (2010)


One man Show

2023 Online Solo Show, Teravarna (Los Angeles, CA)

2022 Intangible Memories, Bridge Gallery (Athens, GA)

2022 Entangled Memories, Suite Gallery (Athens, GA)


Group and juried Exhibition

2023 DE: Construct (Athens, GA)

2023 Alchemy Juried Exhibition (Create! Magazine)

2023 Indoor Downeast Sculpture Juried Exhibition (Greenville, NC)

2023 In The Abstract Juried Exhibition (CA)

2023 San Angelo Ceramics Symposium Juried Show (San Angelo, TX)

2023 Lyndon House Arts Center 48th Juried Exhibition (Athens, GA)

2023 La Mostra: The Show. Lupin Foundation Gallery (Athens, GA)

2022 Summer Invitation. Swan Coach Gallery (Atlanta, GA)

2022 A Ceramic Cup Show 2022 (Savannah, Ga)

2022 Play Along Four Artists show (Athens, GA)

2022 Teapots IX Biennial (Baltimore, MD)

2022 International Cups 2022 (Missoula, MT)

2021 Fourteenth Annual Cup Show: “Form and Function” (Panama City, FL)

2021 GA MFA Invitational Exchange – 650 Gallery (Atlanta, GA) 

2021 National Multi-Media Juried Art Show (NC)

2021 Juried exhibition. Material Mugs VI: UNDERGLAZE (TN)

2021 KC Clay Guild Teabowl National (MO)

2021 Juried exhibition. Hella Cups Ceramic Exhibition (CA)

2021 Summer Invitation. Swan Coach Gallery (GA)

2021 Shoreline Art Festival: Juried Art Show (WA)

2021 SIP: A Ceramic Cup Show 2021 (Savannah, GA)

2021 Social Dissonance (Suite gallery, Athens, GA)x

2021 46th Juried exhibition (Lyndon House, Athens, GA)

2016/2017 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia (Japan, Taiwan)

2016/2017 MFA Ceramics annual critique show with three group of Universities (Seoul Tech University, Hong-Ik University, Kyung-Hee University in Korea)

2017 Cross Over (Mil-ael gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2015/2016 We are still working (Gallery IS, Seoul, Korea)

2015 Oath of the Peach Garden, Three representative student exhibition (KCDF gallery, Seoul, Korea)

2010~2013, 2015/2018 Ceramic village, Kyung In Gallery (Seoul, Korea)



Sept. 2010~Nov. 2010 Onggi Expo Ulsan Korea Workshop, Representative Students


Summer& Winter School

Jun. 2022~ Aug. 2022 The University of Georgia Cortona program, Cortona, Italy

Jun. 2018~Jul. 2018 Summer school at Alfred University, Alfred, New York.

Jun. 2017~Jul. 2017 Summer school at Alfred University, Alfred, New York.

Dec. 2011~Feb. 2012 Winter school at Jingdezhen University, Jingdezhen, China